JESUS, an ever faithful friend …


I lift my heart unto the Lord
I walk with Him in sweet accord
He is my strength, my health, my peace
His love for me will never cease

He is my friend and my brother
Like unto Him there is no other
The Prince of Peace and reigning King
He alone causes me to sing

I have seen so many depart
I am left with a broken heart
My Lord, I know, will never leave
He talks with me, knows that I grieve

He is a friend, so sweet and kind
He knows all that is on my mind
He speaks words of comforting love
From His throne, where He sits above

With a broken heart I will praise
The Lord of all, all of my days
Until I see Him face to face
In sorrow’s portal there is grace

Cathy White 2015

Psalm 25:1Unto thee, O Lord, do I lift up my soul.