My sister-in-law Tracey had cancer. She was diagnosed five years ago. During the five years of her illness, though she endured much suffering, I can say that she was a picture of calmness and grace. On those rare occasions when she would begin to despair, or in her words begin to have a pity party, she would often say “ONLY JESUS” with intense exclamation and quickly bounce back to serenity. It amazed me. It really did amaze me how level she was. The Lord’s amazing grace. I was inspired to write the poem ONLY JESUS because of Tracey.  The Lord gave me the opportunity to share it at her funeral.
Many years ago Tracey told her brother, my husband, that if she died before him she wanted him to preach at her funeral. The Lord opened the door for that to happen. We saw family that we hadn’t seen for many years. Such an emotion filled day. Our large family heard the gospel again. I wanted to scoop every one of them up and just love them and hug them forever.  If they only knew… For the love of Christ constraineth us; 2 Cor 5:14
Tracey left this world April 19, 2016.  Tracey was only 48 years old.
Who can uplift our spirits
In the darkness of the night
When everything is dreary
And dawn’s light nowhere in sight
Who can give us happiness
Comfort, Joy, and peace, and light
When everything around us
Is so dark and full of fright
Only Jesus
Nobody but Jesus
Only Jesus
Nobody but Jesus
Who can calm our many fears
From the terrors of the hour
When life is full of suffering
And our circumstances dour
Who can make a difference
With His Almighty power
When our hope is almost gone
And we begin to cower
Only Jesus
Nobody but Jesus
Only Jesus,
Nobody but Jesus
The world, they keep on searching
But they cannot seem to find
The thought of seeking Jesus
Ne’er enters into their mind
The Bible, has the answer
Oh If only they could see
The beauty of a Saviour
Who was sent for you and me
Cathy White 2016

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